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Inspiring Song for Yoga Playlist: Breaths by Sweet honey in the rock

Imagine 7 Aretha Franklins singing you a private lullaby using just their voices as instruments. If you haven’t yet, you must experience African American a capella group,  Sweet honey in the rock. With nearly 30 years of inspiring songs, I can guarantee you, this won’t be the last time I write about them.
h, I forgot to tell you, today, you are dedicating your yoga or meditation practice to someone you miss and I have the perfect honey song to do so!

You see, after listening carefully to the lyrics of the song, Breaths, I got to thinking…

Is there enough attention paid to our surroundings?  You know, nature?
he flowers that bloom in Spring, the quiet snow that falls in winter, the whisper of the wind during a thunderstorm?

This song is about our ancestors, and how if we really soak in a bit of nature on a regular basis, it brings us closer to the people whom we’ve loved and lost. We’d still miss them, of course, but there would be less suffering and more celebrating. We’d see their face in every person who smiled at us; hear their voice when the wind blew, and undoubtedly feel them with us through all our difficult times.

Paying attention to nature is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves. This is just one more reason why. Thanks Sweet honey, for this beautiful song!

Sweet honey in the rock- breaths

Listen more often, to things than to beings
Listen more often, to things than to beings
Tis the ancestors words, when the fires voice is heard
Tis the ancestors words, in the voice of the water
(1st verse)
Those who have died, have never never left
The Dead are not under the earth
They are in the rusting trees, they are in the groaning woods
They are in the crying grass, they are in the moaning rocks
The dead are not under the earth

(2nd verse)
Those who have died, have never never left
The dead have a pact with the living
They are in the woman’s birth, they are in the waiting child
They are with us in the home, they are with us in the crowd
The dead have a pact with the living

Yogi moves: this is a medication piece that’s perfect for any restorative pose, seated, or walking meditation.

Stay inspired, my yogis

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