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How to do Tree Pose

 The whole world is on the tips of your branches in beautiful tree pose.

How do you stay grounded when you just wanna fly?!  When the world pulls us every which way, and we can’t seem to be still. Whether it be a demanding day, lack of focus, or just plain excitement from taking in too much healthy food. 🙂 Whatever the case may be, a pose like Vrikshasana, tree pose can work some astonishing wonders.
Tree pose helps us stay rooted while it exposes our playful, inquisitive side so we get the best of both worlds. It firms the legs and strengthens the feet while helping to stabilize the pelvis, (something that can help us when we’re in more demanding poses). The best benefit though, is that from a mental standpoint, we can come back to our roots for a moment, and get grounded before going on with the rest of our day.
Climb your tree
Begin in Tadasana, (mountain pose), toes and ankles touching, and tailbone pointed towards the ground. Relax the arms by your side as you root your left foot down into your mat and begin to lift the right foot up, placing the sole of the foot against the upper left inner thigh, toes facing down. A nice modification is to keep the right foot down near the calf, but avoid pressing on the knee.  Keep left leg strong, but not hyperextended. Once you have balance, you may bring the hands together in prayer position, above the head, or any yoga mudra you like. Keep the gaze forward on something that’s not moving. Relax and breath.  When you’re ready, try the other side for what may be a totally different experience.
Enjoy the view;)

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