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Finally it's here! Lots have been asking me about making my favorite music accessible in two seconds, so here you go. My ongoing yoga playlist that you can listen to or download instantly. Will continue to add my favorite songs that inspire me, so be sure to check back soon for the newest ones.



Song for Mourning a Loss: I'll be seeing you, by Frank Sinatra

Song for mourning a loss: I'll be seeing you, by Frank Sinatra

My dad passed away at 7:45am on December 9th, 2013. He was a kind, gentle, generous soul who spread his love to everyone he knew, especially his family. Every time my sister's and I walked in the room, he'd light up. I've honestly never felt such true unconditional love. We did so many fun things together. He'd take me swimming, skiing, driving for the first time, and of course to the casinos. Oh, the poker tables, slot machines, dice....If it weren't for him, how on earth would I know that "buying" the 4 or the 10 is one of the best dice bets you can place, while "placing" the 6 and 8 is fine but kinda woosey? 

Thanks to him, I now roll my eyes at someone who sits next to me at a blackjack table and hits when the dealer is showing a 6?  We'd bet on everything. We'd even bet a dollar on which elevator would open first. I blame him for my gambling blood that will surely live on. (you too, gramps!)

My dad helped me make some important life decisions and I'm so lucky to have had him to talk to every morning when I lived in Boston or Los angeles. He had always encouraged me to follow my dreams, and to never settle for just a "piece of the sky." Why not go "all in"? That was his motto. 

Music was another special thing we shared. I remember him playing all his albums for me, and when alone, I'd listen to them over and over until I knew all the words by heart; I even knew every time the record was about to skip. Years later in my singing days, I'd tape myself wailing away to the music and he'd proudly play the songs in his car whenever he'd drive anywhere. Even played those songs to some of his friends...(Yikes, dad really?)  I was thankfully unaware of this until the funeral recently. I blushed and nodded as so many came forth and told us stories about him, and how very proud he was of his daughters and grandchildren.


The lights that shine through

In the midst of sorrow, I am reminded once again of what I am grateful for.

My sisters, Amy & Jill- Because the three of us are so different, it's interesting to see each of our individual strengths and weaknesses as we go through this difficult time. When one of us is scared, it seems the other 2 are always there to comfort. My dad loved that my sisters and I were always very close, and his spirit is making our relationship even stronger.

My mom- So hard to even imagine what a person goes through when they lose a spouse. My mom's world was so centered around my dad as his needs grew more and more in these last months.  We will be here for her as she steps back into her light.

FriendsWho on earth has better friends than I? I can tell you not many. A warm & fuzzy hug, a plate of lasagna, a simple text, email message, a shoulder to cry on, (and yes, sometimes wine). There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for my friends, and my amazing partner, Tommy, who's mission in life is to make me smile.

and finally....Music- The last night I saw my dad in the hospital, I sang to him, surrounded by my family. I wouldn't trade those 3 minutes for anything. I knew he could hear me, even through the coma he was in, through my tears, and my nose running all over the place.  Old blue eyes was one of his favorites and this song says it perfectly. I as you listen, I ask you to think of someone you love very much, or maybe someone who has already passed, and feel comforted by the words that basically say that love is indeed stronger than death.


I'll be seeing you, by Frank Sinatra

Yogi Moves: Sit quietly. reflect. meditate. Sometimes in class, I'll have my students dedicate their practice to someone.

Blessings for a warm and healthy New Year. Hold on to those you love.


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Soothing Song for Yoga Playlist: Show the way, by David Wilcox

Shshshshsh: Shavasana lullabies addition


Soothing chicken soup for the ears I tell you. I seriously think this man’s voice is straight from God. If you have never heard David Wilcox before, please check him out.  A perfect example of "music as therapy", these kinds of songs are the ones I go to when I need to be reminded that this world is still a beautiful place and that there are safe havens within all of us if we know how to access them. Music is the perfect way to do this, and when you add yoga to the mix, now you've got the mind/body connection working in your favor as well. 

The lyrics in this song speak for themselves...all there really is is love. As human beings, it is what we desire most, and if we go a step further, (as this song does) and illustrate love as a universal force, it strips us of the daily heaviness we feel as it brings us one step closer to knowing that everything will always begin and end with love.

Special thanks to those who participated in my Shavasana lullabies contest on the Nutritious Yogi Facebook page. I had totally forgotten about this one!

Show the way Lyrics

You say you see no hope
You say you see no reason we should dream
That the world would ever change
You say the love is foolish to believe
'Cause they'll always be some crazy
With an army or a knife
To wake you from your daydream
Put the fear back in your life

If someone wrote a play
To just to glorify what's stronger than hate
Would they not arrange the stage
To look as if the hero came too late?
He's almost in defeat
It's looking like the evil side will when
So on the edge of every seat
From the moment that the whole thing begins

It is love who mixed the mortar
And it's love who stacked these stones
And it's love who made the stage here
Although it looks like we're alone
In this scene, set in shadows,
Like the night is here to stay
There is evil cast around us
But it's love that wrote the play
For in this darkness love can show the way

Now the stage is set
You can feel your own heart beating in your chest
This life's not over yet
So we get up on our feet and do our best
We play against the fear
We play against the reasons not to try
We're playing for the tears
Burning in the happy angel's eyes


Yogi moves:

If you like words in Shavasana, this one is for you. Maybe even at some point during the day, play this song while you do a few stretches and see how you feel after. Content? Peaceful? Abundant?


Without further due, Show the way, by David Wilcox

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Happy Song for Yoga Playlist: All good, by Girish

Repeat & Rejoice

 "I am exactly where I'm supposed to be."

Happy Song for Yoga Playlist: All Good by Girish

I first heard this song during the sweltering summer weeks of yoga teacher training. It was one of those points in the training process where you find yourself crying for more reasons than you can count. You’ve basically rung out your soul like a washcloth, whether through a chakra cleanse, intense group assignment, or reflective meditation, and every bad thing you’ve ever done, said, felt, endured, and eaten comes rising to the surface; (other potential reasons for crying would be: my lower back is throbbing, and..... did I just dislocate a shoulder coming out of that arm balance? Is that a tear in my eye, or just more sweat?) You get the visual.

At this particular time, we had just finished an emotional exercise and our teacher played this song at the end of our practice. “The earth is good, the water is good,.....the fire and the wind, they’re good. the sky is good, the sun is good, the moon and the planets... they’re good."

I immediately opened my dewy eyes and began to listen to this soulful voice singing directly to me..... . It’s all good, it’s all good, it’s all good.......Suddenly I was a believer. Is there some truth to these words? This universal message that everything is unfolding as it should. What you’re feeling now Karen is good. You’re here. You’re alive. You’re supported by this wonderful community, even if at times you might feel very alone, that’s all part of being human.  This song says I am exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment. Everything is in its place, and all is good. I play this song anytime I need a reminder of that, and in several of my own yoga classes.

I also had the opportunity to hear Girish play this song live during a celebratory evening practice last year. Candles were lit, incense was burning, and my soul was on top of the world.


Yogi moves

Whether you’re in a rigorous standing series, or waking from shavasana, it’s all good.


Here is a link to the website and the song will begin to play. (the words come in around the second half of the song so be sure to download it!) Feel free to explore the other songs by Girish. I love em!

Cheers to your beautiful waking souls,

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