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Go Deep with Restorative Yoga: 3 Postures to Nurture your Spirit

When I first started doing yoga back in 1998, I never even knew restorative yoga existed. I was an aspiring actress, therefore my mission in life was to impress everyone I saw, feel important, and become a size zero (last being most important).…
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Reverse Warrior: Get long and slender with this beauty

 Rule #1,  you may want to practice this pose on flat ground not in a body of water Reverse warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana) I love poses that stretch the side body making for a long, lean, physique. Whenever I practice reverse warrior…
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Yoga always wins in "Vegus": How Yoga affects the Vegus Nerve

 Yoga and the Vegus nerve are totally best friends. Yoga stimulates and supports this nerve in everything she does. Another great reason to do yoga When oh when will she stop ranting on about yoga...? Haha, never!  If you read my site you…