Easy Cauliflower 2 ways: Mashed & Crispy

Cauliflower is one of my go-to veggies since it serves as the perfect base for casseroles, soups, and even pizzas. It’s also pretty toddler-friendly since you can easily sneak them into just about anything. Today I made two of my favorite…

6 Toddler Friendly Recipes with Sneaky Veggies

6 Toddler-Friendly Recipes with Sneaky Veggies

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Mini Crustless Vegetable Quiches

Raise your hand if you want to try a nutritionally rich, protein-packed mini meal that can be enjoyed any time of day, AND is super easy, AND is totally delicious, AND sneaks in a lot of veggies! Every single ingredient in these mini…
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Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese with Broccoli

skip to recipe Mac & Cheese is probably one of the most famous kid meals around. Adults love it too, and not just for the delicious taste, but for its simplicity and ease to put together. I get it. It’s very satisfying knowing you can…
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Shredded Kale Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Turmeric Drizzle

 This Shredded Kale salad with Roasted Vegetables is a great way to welcome fall into your kitchen. Warm veggies under a tangy & sweet turmeric vinaigrette is the perfect match. I am kind of a maniac in the fall when it comes to the…
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All in one green smoothie for babies

An all in one smoothie with green leafy veggies and a delicious sweet taste. A great way to sneak in your toddler's veggies. 

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Healthy "Fried" Eggplant (gluten-free)

This recipe takes a very short amount of time and provides a damn delicious result. I cook vegetarian foods a lot and I’m finding that with veggies like this you really don’t miss the meat. I’m also always on the lookout for good meat…
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Summer Quinoa Salad

Here is an example of one of my favorite summer dinners. Quinoa is a great source of B vitamins while it’s also a complete protein. If you’re missing an ingredient, don’t freak out, just replace with something else. I’ve used chopped…
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Vegetarian stuffed Acorn Squash

What to do with that leftover quinoa you ask?? How about a gluten-free, protein rich winter meal full of vitamin A, fiber, & healthy fats? Serve with sauteed greens, or a dark leafy salad for a perfect vegetarian meal. Ingredients 3…
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Veggie Egg Scramble: Breakfast for one

If you read my blogs you already know eggs can be a very important part of a healthy day. Here's a great breakfast for one: (double or triple for family size) Because I'm not the most graceful cook, I usually end up with more of an egg…
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Arugula Fig Salad with Goat Cheese, and Creamy Orange Viniagrette

 Arugula Fig Salad with Goat Cheese and Creamy Orange Viniagrette is one of my favorite summer salads. Feel free to top with tofu or chicken to make it a perfect stand alone meal This peppery salad paired with a soft citrus viniagrette makes…