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15 80s Running Songs

5 old favorites from the 1980s that make me run just a lil faster...

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Love Songs for Yoga: Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

Hello and welcome to the “love song for yoga” addition of my yoga playlist. The think with love songs is, they don't always have to be about a person you're in love with.  They can be simply about someone or something that inspires…
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Song about Remorse: The World Spins Madly on by The Weepies

The Song on my Mind: The World Spins Madly on by The Weepies

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Yoga Song about Gratitude: Farthest shore, by David Wilcox

 Yoga + Music = Bliss For my first song post I have chosen Farthest Shore by David Wilcox. Don't you ever sometimes just want to use every negative experience you've ever had and turn them into something great for yourself and the world? When…