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What my grieving process has taught me about death

 I had so many memories with my dad. More than I can count. So much about the way I live my life right now is because of him. If you're familiar with my blog series, The song on my mind, or a part of my newsletter family, you've already…
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Uplifting Song for Yoga Playlist: Heavenly day, by Patty Griffin

Talk about an uplifting song to do yoga to. Whenever I’m in a sad mood, I put this song on and it turns me around in a second. When I’m in a good, mood, I’m suddenly over the top. Must be the combination of the words, the voice, and…
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15 80s Running Songs

5 old favorites from the 1980s that make me run just a lil faster...

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Song about wanting to be free: Angel from Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt

For me, yoga is about capturing a feeling whether happy or sad, and then setting it free. This song is about wanting to break away... someone who has a determined spirit that wishes to fly, but is trapped. Can we relate to this feeling to…
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Inspiring Song for Yoga Playlist: Breaths by Sweet honey in the rock

Imagine 7 Aretha Franklins singing you a private lullaby using just their voices as instruments..

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Love Song for Yoga Playlist: Fade into you by Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star's fade into you is a perfect soothing song for a yoga playlist

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Song for Shavasana: Sun will set by Zoe Keating

Hey all, So there is a new addition to my yoga playlist that my students go nuts for (especially my shavasana lovers;).  I first heard this song as part of a public graduation yoga class with some fellow teachers here in Boston! The class…
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Love Songs for Yoga: Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

Hello and welcome to the “love song for yoga” addition of my yoga playlist. The think with love songs is, they don't always have to be about a person you're in love with.  They can be simply about someone or something that inspires…
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Song about Remorse: The World Spins Madly on by The Weepies

The Song on my Mind: The World Spins Madly on by The Weepies