Cold-Busting Elderberry Valentine Gummies: Toddler friendly

These elderberry gummies also contain ginger and pomegranate for an extra boost for the immune system.

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Anti-inflammatory Winter Smoothie

This dreamy winter smoothie has everything you need to stay well during the colder winter months. Made with turmeric, high vitamin C berries, and ginger, it's anti-inflammatory and great for the immune system in general. 

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Flu Shot from the Food "Farm-acy": How to care for your Immune System

 What should we eat and what supplements should we take to prevent colds and flu? So I’ve never been a big flu shot person. Not for any pious reason, it just seems that each year it's gotten increasingly tricky to guess which actual virus…
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Think you're healthy doing these 6 things? Think again

Over-medicated, over-stimulated, and over-exercised. There are better alternatives to staying healthy. Think you're healthy doing these 6 things? Think again. It is safe to say we have officially entered the age of wellness. Between…
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How to build a healthy gut

The best ways to build a healthy gut from food, to supplementation

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Yoga always wins in "Vegus": How Yoga affects the Vegus Nerve

 Yoga and the Vegus nerve are totally best friends. Yoga stimulates and supports this nerve in everything she does. Another great reason to do yoga When oh when will she stop ranting on about yoga...? Haha, never!  If you read my site you…
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Immune System Booster Tea

This recipe is adapted from my amazing whole food supplement company, Standard Process! You can also substitute cayenne pepper for the chili pepper. This tea will encourage a mild rise in body temperature and induce a bit of sweating. Just…