Mighty Bites: Protein Packed Energy Snack for Kids and Adults

Mighty Bites are a delicious, protein- packed snack for kids and adults. High in fiber, so your blood sugar won't crash, it's the perfect to-go snack. 

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Mini Crustless Vegetable Quiches

Raise your hand if you want to try a nutritionally rich, protein-packed mini meal that can be enjoyed any time of day, AND is super easy, AND is totally delicious, AND sneaks in a lot of veggies! Every single ingredient in these mini…
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8 Simple & Healthy Snack Options

The other day during a nutrition session with a new client, the very first thing she said was, "Please don't tell me to eat 10 almonds as a snack, it's not gonna happen.! I chuckled loudly at this remark, knowing it's one of the most popular…
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Almond crusted cod

Almond crusted cod 1.5 cups course almond flour  or if using regular bagged almond flour, go for about 1/2 cup 6 garlic cloves chopped finely 1/2 cup chopped, assorted fresh herbs (dill, thyme, parsley) 1 tsp sea salt juice of 1/2…