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Gluten-Free Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

 Gluten free stuffed cabbage rolls with a sweet, tangy sauce. Ridiculously delicious These just came out of the oven and I seriously can't believe how amazingly delicious they are. Gluten-free stuffed cabbage rolls with a sweet, tangy sauce…
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Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese with Broccoli

skip to recipe Mac & Cheese is probably one of the most famous kid meals around. Adults love it too, and not just for the delicious taste, but for its simplicity and ease to put together. I get it. It’s very satisfying knowing you can…
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5 healthy Dinners for Babies and Toddlers

5 simple dinners for the whole family. Something for everyone, whether you're gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or just a health nerd like me.

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Dairy-Free Cream of Broccoli Soup

Let me tell you something about this vegan broccoli soup. Well to start, it’s dairy-free, you already knew that, but when you taste it, you honestly would never know! Though I’m not vegan, I do find myself cooking like one quite often.…
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Summer Quinoa Salad

Here is an example of one of my favorite summer dinners. Quinoa is a great source of B vitamins while it’s also a complete protein. If you’re missing an ingredient, don’t freak out, just replace with something else. I’ve used chopped…
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Dairy Free Sweet Potato Curry Soup in the Slow cooker

Yep, it’s another slow cooker recipe.  Dairy-free Sweet Potato Soup in the Slow Cooker doesn't call for much fuss at all. Just throw a bunch of stuff into your pot, cover with a lid, and have an amazing vitamin & fiber-packed,…
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Almond crusted cod

Almond crusted cod 1.5 cups course almond flour  or if using regular bagged almond flour, go for about 1/2 cup 6 garlic cloves chopped finely 1/2 cup chopped, assorted fresh herbs (dill, thyme, parsley) 1 tsp sea salt juice of 1/2…
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Tropical Dipping Sauce for Fish

I love recipes where every single ingredient is functional to your body and delicious at the same time. I used this as a dipping sauce for some white fish I had grilled. So fresh & delicious! Ingredients: Juice of one lime 1 tsp…
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What the heck do you eat during a cleanse?

Today, I am answering the most popular question of the month. What the heck do you eat during a 21 day cleanse? Everywhere you look these days there is some type of “fasting challenge” or “juice cleanse” and frankly it’s difficult…
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Southwest lettuce wraps w tangy peach salsa

 Southwest Lettuce Wraps with Tangy Peach Salsa takes very little time to make and the filling and salsa will keep well in your fridge to have for lunch the next day. I love experimenting with different kinds of lettuce wraps because they…
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Arugula Fig Salad with Goat Cheese, and Creamy Orange Viniagrette

 Arugula Fig Salad with Goat Cheese and Creamy Orange Viniagrette is one of my favorite summer salads. Feel free to top with tofu or chicken to make it a perfect stand alone meal This peppery salad paired with a soft citrus viniagrette makes…