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What does Nutritious Yogi think of the juice cleanse?

 There are certainly pros and cons to everything you do in the world of nutrition. Juice Vs Smoothie is the question I get almost all the time. So what do I think of the juice cleanse?? I recently did a poll with my nutrition clients…
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What the heck do you eat during a cleanse?

Today, I am answering the most popular question of the month. What the heck do you eat during a 21 day cleanse? Everywhere you look these days there is some type of “fasting challenge” or “juice cleanse” and frankly it’s difficult…
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Yogi Energy Drink!

 Because green is the new red! One of the most detoxifying things for your body are whole foods, particularly when they're green. This beverage is like drinking mini multi-vitamins, and serves as the perfect pick-me-up to begin your day. I…
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10 Ways to Prep for a Cleanse

10 ways to Prep when beginning a cleanse!!! Here's what all my clients receive after doing this remarkable program!