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My Not-So-Zen Guide to a Difficult Pregancy

My Not So Zen Guide to a Difficult Pregnancy. Helpful tips for moms to be | nutritiousyogi.comAs a health blogger with a holistic nutrition & yoga background, and a person who tries to succumb to the present moment, I am once again finding myself wanting to skip several moments at once. …..Days and weeks if it’s at all possible.

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and never wanted to rush time so badly. I hate that I feel this way, and I’m writing down these words because I know some expectant moms can relate.

I should begin by saying that I am in love with my growing family, and am absolutely grateful to be pregnant again at 41.  But oh, hormones, you are such powerful little critters.

When I became pregnant with my first child (now 2) I had imagined myself as that bouncing little pregnant girl sipping kale smoothies in a flowy dress, smiling from ear to ear and graciously accepting comments about how “glowing” I look.

Yea, that didn’t happen. And it’s not happening now either.

The physical symptoms
The cycle seems to go as follows: Starving. Eat. Become full almost immediately, and then some glorious indigestion coupled with a feeling that the food I’ve just eaten has no plans of going anywhere ever. At this point I become exhausted and would give anything to lie in a horizontal position, but wait… I can’t for another 4 hours until my belly is settled once again, at which point I’ll become starving again. If I don’t eat right away, nausea kicks in, and though I don’t actually vomit, all the fun warning signs are there, ie mouth filling with saliva, slight sweating, and a ball in the pit of my stomach.

Headaches have also been a part of my glowing journey and as far as Tylenol is concerned, I can just as easily swallow 3 tick tacks for the same effect.

And as a sweet little bonus….constipation. Around week 11, I was in the middle of a meditation training where our teacher explained how physical symptoms are a direct effect of what’s going on in the mind and why we feel so irritated when we’re constipated. “Our body wants to make space for more nourishment”, she happily cried…but it’s having trouble.” Well mine was not only having trouble, it felt as though it were nonexistent, and that irritation she described was in full bloom.

With my first child the symptoms died off around week 21, where I was destined to greet a tremendous lower backache that carried throughout the rest of the pregnancy and beyond. Though backaches can be extremely disruptive, (and hurt my yoga lifestyle a lot), I’d still take them any day over what I experienced the first half of the pregnancy.

Digestive enzymes/ginger
Before and during meals

Suckers/frozen ice pops/root beer/Starbuck refreshers
Because water is so difficult for me to get down, I need to “jazz up” the hydration tactics a bit and go for something more creative (translation=much less healthy). The Starbucks refresher (diluted a bit), presented a nice bonus with its small amount of caffeine. This made me feel like one of the big kids that gets to drink a morning beverage over the newspaper and is excited about it. The old me, before conception.

A cheeseburger
Because I love to self-diagnose, I believe I was (and currently am) a tad anemic due to lack of my natural iron supplements, and therefore need to consume more red meat than I’m used to. I should also mention that when eating a cheeseburger lately, I am totally in the moment, like honestly there’s nothing better in this entire world. I know I have to have it well done, (weh), which takes the excitement level down a notch. Nonetheless, it brings a strange kind of relief.

Side note to my yogi practice of ahimsa (non-violence) which consists of a diet with more vegetarian foods. You will sadly have to wait until November.  

Over the counter emergencies
I love to go to all natural remedies first, but admittedly there are days when I have to take a “pregnancy safe”, over the counter antacid for some relief. I hate taking these, but just like last time, the symptoms should go away the second the baby is born and I will toss them like a good yogi should. For the headaches, I do end up taking the tylenol along with a little coffee or tea for caffeine, then give my husband a look of self pity mixed with a twitch or resentment as I drag a blanket down the hallway into a dark room where I heroically lie down… ice pack in hand and wait for time to pass.

Magnesium Powder
For sleep and constipation.

The emotional symptoms…..

Mild Depression
This is part hormonal for sure, but mostly the days I get sad are when my son is on my lap and while the “real me” wants to hold him forever, I am still yearning for time to go by so I can be 100% present again. A very confusing way to feel.

Sobbing/Crying out the blue
Ok so it probably wasn’t the best idea to go see Miss Saigon during a hormone flood, but it  happened and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. I was literally waiting for more of the upbeat songs to come on so I can let out loud gasps into my disintegrating watery tissue. I somehow made it through and out into the real world where the only thing left for me to be cranky about was the fact that our  dinner reservation was 15 blocks away and I wasn’t in walking shoes.  Some days the emotional bursts are never-ending.  Up until this very day it’s difficult go on Facebook since my feed is mostly composed of adorable babies and dogs that need homes.

Thank God “This is us” is currently on hiatus.

My remedies for this? Sunshine. Anytime I can get it, it’s a total lifesaver for me and helps with sleep as well. Light yoga stretches so I can get some circulation moving, and last but not least, my wonderfully supportive mom’s group which provides a sense of community and love, plus I get to complain to them whenever I want! These women really rock. Community is seriously good for the soul. Being able to connect with like-minded people and feel supported, (even if you don’t see them every day) is so important.

Here is the lesson here. Don’t let anyone tell you how you’re supposed to feel when you’re pregnant. It honestly depends on the person, as well as the pregnancy itself, as I am sure there are women out there who’ve experience far worse symptoms for the whole duration of their pregnancy (you poor souls). And stop feeling guilty about how you’re eating, moving, and feeling. It’s only temporary.

Hyperlinks from products go to my amazon affiliate page where I make a tiny percentage of what you purchase to continue my benevolent livelihood;) Thanks for reading my blog. xo




PPS. Hyperlinks from products go to my amazon affiliate page where I make a tiny percentage of what you purchase to continue my benevolent livelihood;) Thanks for reading my blog. xo
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