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Open your heart: 10 Minute Restorative Yoga Video Sequence

This 10 minute restorative yoga sequence with stimulate the 4th chakra, quiet the mind, and reset the senses.

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Go Deep with Restorative Yoga: 3 Postures to Nurture your Spirit

When I first started doing yoga back in 1998, I never even knew restorative yoga existed. I was an aspiring actress, therefore my mission in life was to impress everyone I saw, feel important, and become a size zero (last being most important).…
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5 Minute Revitalizing Yoga Burst: Yoga Video with Dogs

This 5 minute revitalizing yoga sequence tells all the organs in the body WAKE UP, WAKE UP! Sometimes, going slow can be more powerful than moving quickly from pose to pose with no real focus or direction. Pretend you are watching yourself…
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Best stretch for lower back pain

I come from a long line of lower back sufferers. God forbid anyone in our family needs help moving or lifting anything ….”ahh can’t my lower back is kaaa...illlin me!” In the last few years it got progressively worse beginning…

3 Feel Good Yoga Poses with Mantras

 In my house, meditation is considered a yoga pose, and breathing is considered meditation. So duh.....if you're breathing you're doing yoga! Whether you wake up on the wrong side of the bed feeling rather grumpy, or feel stuck in a tough…
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Uplifting Song for Yoga Playlist: Heavenly day, by Patty Griffin

Talk about an uplifting song to do yoga to. Whenever I’m in a sad mood, I put this song on and it turns me around in a second. When I’m in a good, mood, I’m suddenly over the top. Must be the combination of the words, the voice, and…
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Reverse Warrior: Get long and slender with this beauty

 Rule #1,  you may want to practice this pose on flat ground not in a body of water Reverse warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana) I love poses that stretch the side body making for a long, lean, physique. Whenever I practice reverse warrior…
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Uplifting Song for Yoga Playlist: Ol' 55 by Sarah McLachlan

I first heard this song in 1997 in a college dorm room. I remember thinking, wow, this is the perfect feel-good song. Written in the 70s by Tom Waits, my favorite rendition is from Sarah McGlachlan's 1994 Freedom Sessions album. My favorite…
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A Tumble-tious Love affair: How to do Handstand

Yoga: That's why they call it a practice. Stretching and strengthening your body in the right areas will help you get closer and closer to going upside down. With handstand, so much of it is fear based. Phew! Talk about practicing yoga on…
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Yoga always wins in "Vegus": How Yoga affects the Vegus Nerve

 Yoga and the Vegus nerve are totally best friends. Yoga stimulates and supports this nerve in everything she does. Another great reason to do yoga When oh when will she stop ranting on about yoga...? Haha, never!  If you read my site you…
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Chaturanga Dandasana for beginners: How to do it

 Chaturanga is practiced quite often in a vinyasa yoga class yet so many have difficulties with the posture. Here is what helped me. I’ll never forget the first yoga class I took about 14 years ago in Los Angeles. The teacher went into…
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The season of listening: What are you yearning for?

Ever been knocked over by a huge ocean wave? It turns you upside down, and you get lost in a pool of dense salt water for about 3-4 seconds, only it feels like a lifetime? That was what 2010-2012 was like for me. Living with a numb feeling that’s so difficult to describe to someone on the outside.  A chronological string of bad decisions, all because I was in search of a different feeling, a different way of being.