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Best Sources of Absorbable Calcium for Adults and Kids

 Read food is always best when it comes to getting in your nutrients. But which foods work best with your body? And if you do take a supplement, which is best? Calcium, the abundant mineral: Strong bones, healthy blood pressure, Nerve support...sign…
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The Natural way to Sexy Skin: How to achieve that glowing look

 I have found some really easy, natural ways to care for your skin. Most come from the inside. You cannot pick up a magazine these days without reading about anti-aging. Even the health industry wants a piece of this multi-million dollar…
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Think you're healthy doing these 6 things? Think again

Over-medicated, over-stimulated, and over-exercised. There are better alternatives to staying healthy. Think you're healthy doing these 6 things? Think again. It is safe to say we have officially entered the age of wellness. Between…
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Hangover 101: 4 Ways to Cure your Liver

In the newsletter a few months ago, I candidly spoke about my college days and how much fun I was having destroying my liver. Of course then, I wasn't really thinking of the bodily damages I was causing. Does any 19 year-old? Now, more…
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7 Steps to Kiss your Sugar Cravings Goodbye

About ten years ago, I was a walking sweet tooth. If you were a skittle, a twix bar,or a sour patch kid and you saw me coming, you'd run away as fast as the gingerbread man. (i loved those too, sadly). It seemed that after every meal, I'd…
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Kevita: The Sparkling Probiotic Drink

I came across this beverage for the first time in Los Angeles a couple years ago. Chilling handsomely next to the kombucha at Whole foods, there it was, staring me down. A colleague of mine had mentioned it, so I was a bit familiar with the name. One taste, and I was smitten.

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Benefits of Cod liver oil: Was grandma onto something?

The benefits of cod liver oil are numerous. Skin health, immune system, cardiovascular health, and natural doses of both Vitamins A, D, and CoQ10 Guess what just trickled back out of the cupboard? If you care about your health, this is the…
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Best Mineral for Good Night's Sleep

Ode to Magnesium   Jump into bed with this mineral....no strings attached. Why is magnesium my favorite mineral? Aside from the fact that it’s crucial to the body, magnesium calms my nervous system and helps me relax at the end of the…
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The tract of my tears: How to repair your gut

Natural ways to strengthen your gut, help with bloating, and boost immune system Of course I’m speaking of your gastrointestinal tract. You know, the one that determines your mood, the strength of your immune system, and your overall…
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Tera's Whey Protein Powder

Last summer I began recipe-testing for my new smoothie cookbook that's due out this year! Each smoothie is packed with superfoods, contains no added sugar, and is very high in protein. The protein powder I used in every shake was Tera's Whey.