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What the heck do you eat during a cleanse?

Today, I am answering the most popular question of the month. What the heck do you eat during a 21 day cleanse? Everywhere you look these days there is some type of “fasting challenge” or “juice cleanse” and frankly it’s difficult…
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Southwest lettuce wraps w tangy peach salsa

 Southwest Lettuce Wraps with Tangy Peach Salsa takes very little time to make and the filling and salsa will keep well in your fridge to have for lunch the next day. I love experimenting with different kinds of lettuce wraps because they…
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Healthy Frappuchino Energy Shake

 Is there such a thing as a healthy frappuchino? Yep there is, and this one is actually nutritious! If you need a pick-me-up before heading out to the gym or yoga class and don't want the 400 calorie sugar & caffeine- induced dessert…
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Yogi Energy Drink!

 Because green is the new red! One of the most detoxifying things for your body are whole foods, particularly when they're green. This beverage is like drinking mini multi-vitamins, and serves as the perfect pick-me-up to begin your day. I…
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Raspberry Lime Protein Shake

My new favorite protein shake before a workout! It's cool, refreshing, and holds me over for a long time. 1 cup frozen organic raspberries 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 Tbsp chia seeds 2 scoops protein powder ( I used Tera’s whey Acai flavor.…
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Crunchy Quinoa Dark Chocolate Truffles

A sophisticated version of the ever-popular crackle bar! Raw cacao powder is the star here along with some delicately crunchy quinoa if you're craving a little texture. 

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Immune System Booster Tea

This recipe is adapted from my amazing whole food supplement company, Standard Process! You can also substitute cayenne pepper for the chili pepper. This tea will encourage a mild rise in body temperature and induce a bit of sweating. Just…