Meditation for Cravings: A guided audio exercise

New research suggests that daily meditation can help control binge eating as well as cravings. By taking as little as 5-10 minutes each day, we can learn to manage our physical sensations and emotions while accessing the inmost thoughts that…

Audio Meditation for Mindful Eating

In an age where most of our meals are spent over the kitchen sink, in board rooms, or even our cars, we’ve forgotten that there’s a spiritual component to eating. Using all 5 senses, this meditation helps us bring mindfulness back to the…

Meditation for Detoxification: Guided Self Practice

Props: drybrush, As you move deeper into your purification program, it is helpful to assist the body as it works to dissolve toxins and absorb vital nutrients. With specific focus on digestive organs, self massage helps to revitalize the…

Meditation for Purification: Purify & Renew

Listen to this meditation towards the beginning of your purification journey and anytime along the way. It allows the body to fully prepare for the demission of toxins and helps to regulate the inevitable emotional trappings that tend to…
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Banana Bread Mini's: Gluten Free, Dairy-Free, No added Sugar

These banana bread mini's are gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain no added sugar. Both delicious and toddler-friendly.


6 Toddler Friendly Recipes with Sneaky Veggies

6 Toddler-Friendly Recipes with Sneaky Veggies

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Open your heart: 10 Minute Restorative Yoga Video Sequence

This 10 minute restorative yoga sequence with stimulate the 4th chakra, quiet the mind, and reset the senses.

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Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Pomegranate Filling and Chocolate Buttercream

Gluten free chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing contain no added sugar and are super toddler friendly.  


Why I'm in love with Raw Cacao and you should be too!

Chocolate has numerous health benefits, more specifically raw cacao. From it's antioxidant powers to its super mood boost. 


How to make Date Paste: The perfect natural sweetener

Date paste is the perfect all natural sweetener for baking. I'm using it in all my healthy recipes! 

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3 healthy make ahead snacks for the week: Toddler Friendly

3 healthy make ahead snacks for the week include roasted red pepper hummus, pistachio and chocolate avocado pudding, and pickled egg salad

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Healthy Vanilla Ricotta Cookies with Yogurt Icing: Kid Friendly

A super healthy soft cookie for toddlers and adults using whole wheat flour, coconut flour, and date paste to sweeten.