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My Not-So-Zen Guide to a Difficult Pregancy

As a health blogger with a holistic nutrition & yoga background, and a person who tries to succumb to the present moment, I am once again finding myself wanting to skip several moments at once. …..Days and weeks if it’s at all possible. I…
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What my grieving process has taught me about death

 I had so many memories with my dad. More than I can count. So much about the way I live my life right now is because of him. If you're familiar with my blog series, The song on my mind, or a part of my newsletter family, you've already…
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How do you see the world? Here's what I've learned

 How do you see the world? I have found that the less I attach to things being a certain way, the happier I am. "A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world." John Le Carre Stop acting so serious! Seriously. One thing…
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Here's looking at you, kid: A lesson in love & trust

Watch this short scene from Casablanca. Oh classic movies! Complex situations handled with courage and grace. If only real life were this way. People saying what they mean, and meaning what they say. Let's translate this clip to real-world…
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How does yoga set you free?

 Articles about yoga have now begun to clog the social media airways all with a common theme "here's what yoga does for me," oh and here's another picture of an arm balance, except this time it's on top of a fire hydrant. 

 Yes, yoga is everywhere, but for good reason.



Healthy lessons from a Game of Thrones

...Does it go beyond Sansa's "fast metabolism"? Yes my friends, Nutritious yogi has traveled way back to medieval times to learn a bit about George R. Martin's epic fantasy-based series, "A Game of Thrones". If you have not seen the show,…
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The season of listening: What are you yearning for?

Ever been knocked over by a huge ocean wave? It turns you upside down, and you get lost in a pool of dense salt water for about 3-4 seconds, only it feels like a lifetime? That was what 2010-2012 was like for me. Living with a numb feeling that’s so difficult to describe to someone on the outside.  A chronological string of bad decisions, all because I was in search of a different feeling, a different way of being.  

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How to trust yourself when you're giddy with stagefright

The scene: Boston, MA preparing for a major nutrition presentation in my home office in the morning of April 6th.

What was I eating? 1 cup of organic coffee and a yogurt parfait with my homemade granola!