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A Tumble-tious Love affair: How to do Handstand

Yoga: That's why they call it a practice. Stretching and strengthening your body in the right areas will help you get closer and closer to going upside down. With handstand, so much of it is fear based. Phew! Talk about practicing yoga on…
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What the heck do you eat during a cleanse?

Today, I am answering the most popular question of the month. What the heck do you eat during a 21 day cleanse? Everywhere you look these days there is some type of “fasting challenge” or “juice cleanse” and frankly it’s difficult…
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Soothing Song for Yoga Playlist: Show the way, by David Wilcox

Shshshshsh: Shavasana lullabies addition Soothing chicken soup for the ears I tell you. I seriously think this man’s voice is straight from God. If you have never heard David Wilcox before, please check him out.  A perfect example of…
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Yoga always wins in "Vegus": How Yoga affects the Vegus Nerve

 Yoga and the Vegus nerve are totally best friends. Yoga stimulates and supports this nerve in everything she does. Another great reason to do yoga When oh when will she stop ranting on about yoga...? Haha, never!  If you read my site you…
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How does yoga set you free?

 Articles about yoga have now begun to clog the social media airways all with a common theme "here's what yoga does for me," oh and here's another picture of an arm balance, except this time it's on top of a fire hydrant. 

 Yes, yoga is everywhere, but for good reason.


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Benefits of Cod liver oil: Was grandma onto something?

The benefits of cod liver oil are numerous. Skin health, immune system, cardiovascular health, and natural doses of both Vitamins A, D, and CoQ10 Guess what just trickled back out of the cupboard? If you care about your health, this is the…
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Best Mineral for Good Night's Sleep

Ode to Magnesium   Jump into bed with this mineral....no strings attached. Why is magnesium my favorite mineral? Aside from the fact that it’s crucial to the body, magnesium calms my nervous system and helps me relax at the end of the…
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Happy Song for Yoga Playlist: All good, by Girish

Repeat & Rejoice  "I am exactly where I'm supposed to be." I first heard this song during the sweltering summer weeks of yoga teacher training. It was one of those points in the training process where you find yourself crying for…
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The tract of my tears: How to repair your gut

Natural ways to strengthen your gut, help with bloating, and boost immune system Of course I’m speaking of your gastrointestinal tract. You know, the one that determines your mood, the strength of your immune system, and your overall…
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Tera's Whey Protein Powder

Last summer I began recipe-testing for my new smoothie cookbook that's due out this year! Each smoothie is packed with superfoods, contains no added sugar, and is very high in protein. The protein powder I used in every shake was Tera's Whey. 

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The season of listening: What are you yearning for?

Ever been knocked over by a huge ocean wave? It turns you upside down, and you get lost in a pool of dense salt water for about 3-4 seconds, only it feels like a lifetime? That was what 2010-2012 was like for me. Living with a numb feeling that’s so difficult to describe to someone on the outside.  A chronological string of bad decisions, all because I was in search of a different feeling, a different way of being.  

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How to trust yourself when you're giddy with stagefright

The scene: Boston, MA preparing for a major nutrition presentation in my home office in the morning of April 6th.

What was I eating? 1 cup of organic coffee and a yogurt parfait with my homemade granola!