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Product review: My sista nutritionist, Abra Pappa of Nutritious America and I tackle the Good Greens Bar!

Karen and I are always on the hunt for reliably healthy and delicious treats. Our stamp of approval does not get thrown around willy nilly. Our standards are high. In fact, this will be our first official “stamp” on this blog. Protein…
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Little Miss Southie has done it again: Local 149 Restaurant Review

Karen goes to restaurant local 149 in South Boston and is wildly impressed!

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Feel Good Yoga Song: Babylon by David Gray

Today's "Song on my mind" is by the wonderful David Gray. READ ON.


Where is your happy place?

 I believe everyone needs a place where they can escape, and reconnect nature. Here is mine!

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Yoga Song about Gratitude: Farthest shore, by David Wilcox

 Yoga + Music = Bliss For my first song post I have chosen Farthest Shore by David Wilcox. Don't you ever sometimes just want to use every negative experience you've ever had and turn them into something great for yourself and the world? When…