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Why it’s important to eat the entire egg

According to Wikipedia, “Omelette…a savoury dish made from beaten whole eggs, cooked in a frying pan, and served plain or with various additions….Omelettes were known during the Middle Ages. In the 17th century one of the most famous omelettes was omelette du cure, containing soft carp roes and tuna fish, which Brillat-Savarin [a food writer] much admired.” Very fancy description.

Then somewhere along the line, eggs became villainized when the low-cal, low-fat craze of the 70’s and 80’s took over, and though there’s been a better understanding of eggs since then, I still don’t believe they have come back with the gusto they deserve, and the nutrition clients who see me for heart-attack prevention still shift uncomfortably in their seats whenever I recommend real eggs. “But isn’t there cholesterol?”, they ask, as they rattle off their breakfast routine which generally consists of the 8am lipitor washed down with some V8 juice and “lite” yogurt.  We still embrace things like egg beaters, whites only, (yet still yellow?), and other fun substitutes with great packaging.

 “Egg whites and Egg Beaters are a thing of the past. The most nutritious thing you can do is eat the whole damn egg. ” Nutritious Yogi

Here is the news:

The entire egg is 100% bioavailable to the body.

The latest research is that cholesterol is actually NOT to blame for heart attacks, but you might want to think twice about that fat-free, 200 calorie delight you’re holding in your hand!  Cholesterol is much more complicated than just good vs bad, and it’s actually something that’s needed by the body since it’s how we make our hormones! What the body does not understand are fake, packaged foods that turn to sugar before you can say the word “cheerios”. Eggs are a different story because they provide us with important B vitamins, protein, and vitamin A, while they keep blood sugar levels steady through the day.

I am a huge fan of having organic eggs a few times a week, and yes go ahead and add a little cheese if you want! Just be sure your grandmother can pronounce the ingredients on the label. Good deal?

Here is a link to my favorite breakfast ever. Perfect to make even if you’re one person because the leftovers are still killer good!

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