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How does yoga set you free?

 How does yoga set you free? And what is yoga really about anyway?

Articles about yoga have now begun to clog the social media airways all with a common theme “here’s what yoga does for me,” oh and here’s another picture of an arm balance, except this time it’s on top of a fire hydrant. 

Yes, yoga is everywhere, but for good reason. One day as I was breezing through my facebook newsfeed, checking out all the yogi pictures…ie, handstand in Peru, downdog in Singapore, tree pose at Stonhenge… I stopped and really thought about it… What if yoga had disappeared from my life completely? What would become of the exuberance and the freedom I feel from this moving meditation? Yoga is what gives me space; it relaxes my nerves and invigorates my senses. It taps into that part of me that says, “everything will be okay”.  

In life we often look outside of ourselves for a feeling. Some find it in the form of addictions… drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling. Some look for it in their partners, their jobs, even their children. Someone or something to provide a sense of purpose, and what can give us more purpose the freedom to just be? You are on top of the world and you’re okay with who you are because of this very feeling. Yoga provides a channel for me to access that feeling within myself so an outside source is nothing but a bonus. With every inhale I take in gratitude and peace, and with every exhale I flush away the heaviness I walked in the door with until I’m left with only my imperfections. The sweetest part of the day.

When I like it- Early in the morning before the sun is up, or a few hours after dinner when I can light a few candles and fire up a great playlist. Maybe even at an event with wine and chocolate afterwards. If it’s not an actual event, I will of course create one of my own in my living room.

When I want it- At the end of a busy week, when I feel stressed, or overwhelmed.

When I NEED it– Every time I’m not in the mood to even set foot on my mat is when I need it most.

How does yoga set you free?


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