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Extended Side Angle Pose for Beginners

 How to do extended side angle pose for beginners. Yoga means listening to your body when it talks to you. If ever a pose feels like too much, just back away and breathe.

Uttita Parsvakonasana translates to extended, side, flank, angle. What the heck does that even mean, right? This pose helps me feel grounded, strong, and stretched all at the same time and it will for you too!
t strenghthens the legs muscles as well as the knees, ankles and stretches the core, lungs, and entire torso.  It’s also a great pose for detoxification and circulation!

Let’s do it
Begin in mountain pose (tadasana) with feet together pointing straight forward, and palms facing outward. Begin to take your left leg back about 3 feet behind you as you turn your body to the left. Keep your right toes facing forward, and your left toes facing the left wall. Bend your right knee deeply so that the knee and ankle of the foot are aligned and perpendicular to the ground. Left leg is stretched out long from the hip to the ankle. Lift up through the torso, and extend your left arm up (intermediate/ advanced hand alongside the ear palm facing the floor) and gaze up towards your left palm.  Lenghthen out through your entire left side as your right hand presses into the floor in front of the right ankle. Take a few deep breaths.  Proceed to side 2.

Beginners Thoughts
It’s hard for me to balance in this pose-
For better balance, try the pose up against the wall.

Put my right hand where?
I always have beginners use a block next to their front foot so lessen the distance from your hand to the floor, or rest your forearm on your thigh (as seen in photo).

It bothers my neck to look up at my hand and I don’t look very graceful doing it.
No need to look up at your hand if it bothers your neck. Just look straight ahead, or down at your foot.

t feels better when I hold my breath-
Breathing is the most important thing in yoga, so if you’re sacrificing breath, simply back out the pose, take a few a breaths and try again.
njoy and let me know how you make out!

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