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How to do Warrior 2 for beginners

 The proud and beautiful warrior 2 is within reach if you learn to build the pose step by step

Feeling a lack of energy, weak, upset, confused? ….then climb on into Warrior 2, for all your capricious needs!

Warrior 2, (or Virabhadrasana 2) is one of my favorite yoga poses because it grounds me, and helps me see things a hell of a lot clearer. This pose strengthens and stretches the legs, ankles and feet, while it energizes the arms and core. It also has the added bonus of a hip opener.

In the yoga tradition, this is the second of 3 poses named after the “fierce warrior” created by Lord Shiva and for all the right reasons.  😉

Begining with the left side (like in the picture) Stand in Tadasana, (Mountain Pose) at the front of your mat. On a big inhale, lift your arms up over your head. On the exhale, take a big step back with your right foot so that your feet are about 4 ft apart with right toes pointed to the left about 45 degrees.  Keeping your left toes where they are, bend your left knee up to 90 degrees and aim to get the shin perpendicular to the floor while you reach your arms out to the sides with your palms facing down. Gaze over the left fingertips and keep your arms active and strong as you press evenly to all 4 corners of the feet. Now bashfully tuck your tailbone and smile for you have mastered Warrior 2 with finesse. Just don’t forget to do the other side!

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